Graphic Design and Layout

Look good — from
your stationery
to your shoes.

If all they know about
your business is what's
on your card, make sure
they know you're the best.

Print isn't dead yet, and you still need it.
Print design is another of the services
Lena specializes in, ensuring your
stationary matches your business'
look and style
across every medium.
Your marketing pieces need to deliver
confidence and consistency,
as well as information, and you
will get all that here, and more.

Gain the benefits of being a
professionally branded company,
without all the painful scarring.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Take a look at Lena’s portfolio for a better idea of just how much is possible, for you and your business.

See samples of graphic design…


All jobs are archived and saved with updated software and data storage systems for your protection.

What do you need designed?

Brochures, marketing collateral, business cards, kit folders, posters, advertisements, manuals, postcards, letterhead, flyers, etc.


Lena has worked both within the corporate structure as well as in her own business, and understands the unique needs of both worlds.

Icon Design

Let Lena build a set of icons for your product or service.

Printing Experience

Lena began working in print shops doing pre-press. She knows how to build your file to avoid costly mistakes when it gets to your printer.


Do you know know the printers in town and who will run your job with the best quality at the best price? Lena does. Let her help you.

Large Format

Posters, billboards, bus and vehicle wraps.

Direct Mail

Post cards, mailers, direct mail campaigns are in Lena’s wheel house. She can also help you with the mailing.

Logo Design

If you need a logo for a new business or to freshen one up, let Lena know how she can help.

Graphic Design

Whether your project is a business card, brochure, or annual report, Lena’s extensive experience will be your most reliable asset to a quality and timely product.

Quick Response Time

Lena tries to handle all jobs in an appropriate time frame. Rush service is often available.

What people are saying...

Interested in working with Lena? Check out some of her client testimonials below!

Lena is definitely our go-to girl when it comes to web consulting (and any of that “computer-nerd” stuff). I like to think of her as SuperLena!

Carolyn Bell Audije

Great web hosting. Good technical support, 24/7. Almost.

Richard Robertson

Software Engineer and All Around Good Guy

Richard Robertson

Lena is a dream to work with. She interprets her clients’ needs and direction efficiently, and turns out good, clean concepts every time.

Nancy White

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council

Nancy White