• Be professional, stylish, and unrivaled online.

    (Even if you're only professional and unrivaled in person.)

    Create the web presence for your business that you want.
    You want the first thing your clients see about you to be a solid, confidence
    building web site. But seeing is believing. Take a look at Lena's
    online portfolio, to feel even better about your remarkably
    intelligent decision to work with her. 

    You may not have a staff of web monkeys to
    design, host, and maintain your site like
    some giant corporate organizations do, but
    you have something even better. You have Lena.*

    *Lena does not work for bananas.

  • Look good — from your stationary to your shoes.

    If all they know about your business is what's on your card, make sure they know you're the best.

    Print isn't dead yet, and you still need it.
    Print design is another of the services Lena specializes in,
    ensuring your stationary matches your business' look and style
    across every medium. Your marketing pieces need to deliver
    confidence and consistency,as well as
    information, and you will get all that here, and more.
    Take a look at Lena's portfolio for a better idea of just how
    much is possible, for you and your business.

    Gain the benefits of being a professionally branded
    company, without all the painful scarring.

  • It already says everything you want. Now make it sing.

    How much can you say with a thousand words?

    More than any other thing, illustration is capable of
    setting the tone and feel of your web site and marketing materials.
    The information you present may tell your clients where to find you,
    but a well placed illustration invites them in the door. Illustration
    brands you, humanizes you, and makes the client feel at home.
    Need some help visualizing the possibilities?
    Check out Lena's portfolio. Web savvy customers are
    going to look at a lot of sites on their way to yours,
    but they're going to remember things that make
    them feel good. So make them feel good about you.

    (If you say you drew it yourself, Lena won't tell.)

Lena Shore