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Lena is def­i­nitely our go-to girl when it comes to web con­sult­ing (and any of that “computer-nerd” stuff). I like to think of her as SuperLena!

Carolyn Bell Audije

Even though my site has been up and run­ning for nearly 6 months, Lena is still avail­able for  adjust­ments and ques­tions. She is always help­ful and always fixes my prob­lem in a timely and friendly man­ner.  My web­site works won­der­fully, looks great, and my busi­ness is grow­ing like crazy.

Natalie Boren


Natalie Boren

Lena has always made time to take care of any size job needed in a very timely matter.

Troy Demel

Signs Above the Rest, Inc.

Troy  Demel