Why am I getting an “invalid email address” when sending mail?


I just set up my email account on my device. But, every time I try to send email, it says the email address is invalid, any advice?!!


If you can send an email to another address, the prob­lem is the recip­i­ents email address and not your email set up.

Usu­ally, this means some­thing is not quite right with one of your recipient’s email addresses. Some­times a sender will have their “reply to” email address spelled incor­rectly and it ends up in your address book. So, when you try to type in their address it auto-fills with the wrong address. It could be a space or bad character.

Dou­ble check the email addresses of the peo­ple you are send­ing to and check for things like:

  • More than one ‘@’ sign
  • User­name is longer than 300 characters
  • You’re enter­ing ‘@gmail’ or ‘@yahoo’ instead of ‘@gmail.com’ or ‘@yahoo.com’
  • Extra space some­where in the email address
  • Their domain name is spelled wrong
  • Hand type (not auto-fill) their email address and see if it will send.

If you’ve tried these and still have no luck, try double-checking your own “reply-to” email address, and email address to make sure you have your email spelled properly.

3 Responses to Why am I getting an “invalid email address” when sending mail?

  1. hanan says:

    pleas help me to vaild my email

  2. hanan says:

    iam happy to join yahoo masenger

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